Love You So

Love you so is so much more than three words to me. Love you so is a life time of memories and joy, happiness and heartbreak. Love you so is more than my grandfathers song and album , its a family mantra , a short  and sweet phrase that unites my family far and wide and holds it all together like glue. My grandfather wasn’t the biggest artist ever but he was the biggest hero to me. Though my time with him was very short he’s been the biggest influence  on my life to date. The charisma to light a room with a smile and make every single person feel like part of the family. He brought joy to every single day I spent with him. He molded my likes and dislikes, my goals and and fears in my first nine years of life. In my adolescence he was my best friend hands down Love you so is more than a print series for me. Its a way to honor my best friend and greatest hero, my way to try and be as great of a human being he was , my way of making him proud because im not proud about my interaction with him the last time I saw him in person and less than a month later he was gone ... my way to help you not make the same mistake , my way to attempt to brighten up homes , and bring smiles to any person who may see these prints , my way to spread the love my grandfather gave me. 


Love You So,