NIKE Summer of Fuel 

I have recently been blessed with the task to cover ” Nike Summer of Fuel” for the whole summer. Its still so surreal to me how well my work is being received by my peers and clients! Summer of Fuel is a 10 week mutli city competition to accumulate as much fuel as you can while hetting weekly goals. The winners get a trip to LA for an ” Epic Day”

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us at your local NIKE Run Club or Nike Training Club 

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Aperture: f/1.4
  • Exposure: 1/160th
  • Focal Length: 53mm

Today I got to work with a boss by the name of Rachel Demita. Coming into her own very fast! Shes an athlete, model and host… the triple threat. She’s fairly new to the city of La but making moves fast! Hailing from Ohio. She has now turned her passion for sports into her own little way to revamp how you and I perceive main stream sports in the media and the human beings that are in the fish bowl!

If you would like to get to know here a little better visit her youtube channel 


Today I made it out to the 1 year anniversary of YOUth Fairfax , brought to you from some of the good people of JUSTBECOOL . This store and the message behind this group of young people is amazing…. JUST BE COOL. Its simple….. unity, peace and family is what they are all about. 

Inner city kids who growing up together had common goals and dreams and made it a point to work towards them and never stop. They do this in the most respectful and mature way possible at that. I guess thats why they have accomplished so many of the goals while working on bigger and better ones and have gained respect from people world wide. 

They have infiltrated main stream avenues in music, fashion and business and are a great entity for any young kid with a dream to follow. If you haven’t already make sure you stop by the store and support on fairfax and rosewood.

Congrats Mizzle and the whole YOUth team! 

Just BE Cool 

My Brothers Keeper

Well today I attended the 8th grade culmination of my little brother Cole. It brought many things to my attention today. One of those thoughts is how proud I am to have such a great younger brother. He is personable enough to become President, athletic enough to become a professional athlete and smart enough to become the worlds next great engineer. His future is so bright and limitless so much in fact that he inspires me to be better for HIM. 

Me being his big brother, I have always understood that he looks up to me, imitates what I do, and compares his life goals and accomplishments to mine. Sure I haven’t gone down the IVY League path that I want for him, but I can still help him accomplish that. I realized today that time does nothing but speed up day by day. It feels like it was just yesterday when my little brother was being born in 2000 and I was in middle school and now he’s finishing middle school.

Its a humbling experience to see him finish middle school at the top of his class and still want to be like me even though I didn’t do as well as him in school. I feel like he believes in me more than I do myself sometimes. I met some of his friends and their families today and all I heard was ” I hear so much about you from cole”, ” oh so you the amazing older brother”. I must being doing something right and i hope I continue to do so.  

Im excited for what my future holds and even more so what my brothers, and knowing that what I do and the decisions I make affect not only me but him as well continues to push me to new levels and keep me from even thinking about settling for anything but the best. Today Made me reevaluate what I do myself and the time and effort I put towards my passion….and I need to do more. Here is one step towards doing more; this is a blog and I have never written about anything, welp here is my first collection of words for you guys and I hope you enjoy and I will make sure to share more.

Congrats Cole, Love you Bro